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Ceramics at the scene of the shale shaker

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Xinxiang vibration equipment manufacturing co., LTD——Successful service more than thousands of customers Strength · With the data

  • How the enterprise strength?

    The company was founded in 1993,Up to now

    Already have26Years relevant working experience

    The company registered capital100Ten thousand yuan

  • Three dimensional vibration screen window analysis

    Small volume,Light weight,Makes it move easily

    Discharging port360°,Adjusted,Automatic discharge,Assembly line work

    Screening of high precision,High efficiency,Powder,Grains,Can screen liquid

    Screen is not blocked,Powder does not float in the sky,Fine mesh screen325The eye

    5Minutes of net,Unique design,Save the human

    No mechanical action,Maintenance is simple

  • Complete range of products,Focus more professional

    Company product variety,7Hundreds kinds of products

    Let you a station buy neat,Don't run two

Consulting services hotline:0373-2694689
  • What big companies have worked with?

    We after 10 years of development

    Not only the product is complete and quality guaranteed

    Products are exported to all parts of the country,By the user's consistent high praise

  • Companies have what honor?

    With special needs,it doesn't matte,We can help you achieve

    Technical personnel20Years of industry experience

    Customize product according to the requirements,Meet your every need

    The material with high intensity,Long service life。

  • Can product after-sales service tracking in place?

    Service tenet:Fast、Decisively、Accurate、Considerate、Thoroughly

    The service goal:The service quality to win customer satisfaction

    After the feedback problem6Hours to reply

About us

Xinxiang vibration equipment manufacturing co., LTD was founded in 1993,Is located in xinxiang of henan province north loop,Even the beijing-zhuhai expressway on the east、Beijing port,West of beijing-guangzhou railway,In the jingguang、A new you、New too railway interchange,Adjacent to zhengzhou international airport,Traffic lines,Convenient。The company specialized production series of vibration equipment,Very skillful,Exquisite,With strong technical force,The consummate craft process,Good corporate reputation,Continuous innovation of products,By the market。The company set up perfect after-sales support services,Efficient、Decisively、Accurate、Considerate、The thorough service concept,In order to improve the quality and enterprise team cohesion......

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