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Macheng threesome space design co., LTD,Construction area of more than one thousand square meters,Located in chengdu in the new century5Building(Directly across The Times square area),The transportation is convenient,Parking is convenient!Is currently macheng only a large comprehensive creative design center。...To learn more >

Style:All of themChinese styleModernThe Mediterranean SeaEuropean style
The sitting room rendering
The bedroom
The bedroom
Shekinah garden effect
Chengdu effect in the new century
The sitting room
Large living room
The corridor
Hall effect
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Design director-More than the soldiers
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City longwan5BuildingMs. MAOIn advance Jn
Jinfeng yipin garden1BuildingMrIn advance Jn
We do in the park24BuildingMr. ZhangIn advance Jn
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